Experience CTN

Executive Producer of CTN Ann Arbor’s testimonial show produced quarterly.

YMCA Media Madness & Visual Voices

A partnership with the Ann Arbor YMCA, where Alysha leads summer camps and after school programs for middle and high school aged students.

For more videos created by students during the YMCA Programs view the YMCA Student Productions Playlist


Current facilitator of the Tech Crew for TEDxYouth@AnnArbor. For more playlists from TEDxYouth@AnnArbor click here. 

Of This Earth

A short film produced for WDIV Click on Detroit’s film festival in the end of summer 2016. The theme was Opposites Attract.

Cash 22

Producer, director and editor of Cash 22: An educational interview program designed to give young professionals an opportunity to be mentored.

For more videos, check out the Cash 22 Youtube Channel

Neutral Zone’s Video Production

Adult facilitator of Neutral Zone Video Production drop in program from 2015-2017.

For more, check out Neutral Zone’s Youtube Playlist.


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