Alysha Mae Schlundt-Bodien

2752243Alysha Mae Schlundt-Bodien is a born and raised Michigander. She has been an advocate in Community Media and free speech since high school, where she got her start at Rougeview Community Television (now Beyond The Rock Production) in Rockford, Michigan. She graduated from Central Michigan University (CMU) with a Bachelors of Arts in Integrative Public Relations studying communication, journalism, broadcasting and multimedia.

She is currently a Training and Facility Coordinator for Community Television Network of Ann Arbor, President of the Michigan Chapter Alliance for Community Media (ACM) and Chair for the Central States Region ACM. She is also CTE Certified with the State of Michigan to teach Radio & TV Broadcast. Through Alysha’s work at CTN, and in the community, her workshop activities have been published in a scholarly journal; Art as a Way of Talking for Emergent Bilingual Youth (Section III) by Routledge in August of 2018.

As a volunteer,  she’s a Raptor Volunteer at Leslie Science & Nature Center, a non-profit in Ann Arbor Michigan, where she handles and feeds 19 non-releasable birds of prey weekly. In her free time she enjoys producing videos, traveling and spending time outdoors with friends and family.

Quotes from people who have worked with Alysha:

Alysha and CTN set the standard for quality youth programming in Ann Arbor.  We are proud to partner with them for hugely popular camps and classes. -Chris Clough, Youth Programs Supervisor, Ann Arbor Public Schools- Rec & Ed

“Our Home School group loved the hands on, and the exposure to real life jobs. They also all loved that Alysha treated them as real film makers and not little kids.” – Home School Parent

“You truly made TEDx an incredible experience and make everyone in the organization feel welcome and loved. We are so lucky to work with CTN. Thank you for all that you do.” – TEDxYouth@AnnArbor Student Curator, Mishaal Yazdani

“Alysha is a natural teacher- her enthusiasm is infectious.” – Student in a Podcast Workshop

“Alysha’s just joyful and makes learning a pleasure! She is accessible and does NOT assume you know everything.”Deborah Eva Rose Pohrt 

Dear Alysha,
A note of eternal thanks for your help with all of the parts of making the video, “Peacemaking: in the Courts and Community.”  Not only was your expertise invaluable but your always positive and generous attitude really helped me not feel I was imposing on you when I needed help.

As you know, this was the first video I produced in 20 years.  While much was the same, so much more was different and challenging.  You made the experience less daunting and more fun.

Thank you!  You are a valuable resource in our creative community!!Kathy Friedrichs



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